Rainbow Promise Me Songs

Is a book of poetry which embrace many different forms of poetry, mainly free style poetry. The book also includes some psalms  and humor. This book is the first of a vast collection of poems from the author.

Proverbably Speaking

The author again boldly challenges establishment by his intentional spelling of proverbially along with prophetic renditions of hierarchy, last called first, and who is greater, inevitably being the least of them.

Seven Colors Six Tastes

Is a new Cookbook coming this summer. The book is a challenging piece, which features cooking and healing recipes, old-fashioned down home soul and folk stories, and a therapeutic plan for self care.

Stronger than the Tree

These writings has extended the poetry range of the author to new heights. This book will go down as one of the truly exceptional poetry books of the twenty first century.

My Books

Classic DVD

Featuring a live in studio poetry performance by the author. 

Classic CD

Featuring a live in studio recording by the author.

A Communion Poetry Shower

Has several short stories and serves as a complimentary prelude to the upcoming book. Some of the stories are lengthier and drawn out, and they hold hidden messages.